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Program Description: The first new utility in a while from ISWare and Tiny Planet, Bin Extender adds functionality to the Recycle Bin by showing an extra icon when the Recycle Bin capacity goes above a user-specified limit. 

The program will also allow you to specify what style of Bin you wish to use. You can choose between the Standard Windows 9x/NT, ME/2000, or XP icon set. Changes are made on the fly, no rebooting necessary!

Known Problems: If you are having problems with Bin Extender generating a Page Fault at MSVBVM60.DLL, then download the updated VB Runtime Files here.(Note: this is an external link that will download the file direct from Microsoft.)

Future Features: Unknown, this is still the first version!

Next Version Expected: Unknown

Registering: Price: $25  

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